Trick or Treat

Everyone was ready to go out wearing their costumes; kids in their Boo, witchy, ghouls, and skeleton outfits; adults in their parties and sexy costumes or awkward ones sometimes…

It’s a nice neighborhood, no violence happens here, no criminals, homicide, or anything you might be afraid of. Isn’t that the dream of every family, to live in a nice, quiet street, with nice houses and neighbors? Isn’t that perfect for kids to go out at that time of the year and trick or treat?!

It was the time of some pumpkin art, some Fall decor outdoor and indoor, and a touch of spookiness won’t harm; Yes, that’s what I thought when I came with my family here almost a year now; I know you wonder who is talking to you, let’s begin with introducing myself; My name is Emilia, I’m 20, yes, 20 and still living with my parents.

Dad is an engineer. and Mom is a graphic designer, I have a young brother, Johny, he’s now14 years old.

A small family and loving one, Dad always wanted to live in a house in a nice neighborhood and nice street; I remember the first time I came here I noticed a house, a huge one on the hill, a hill behind the woods; I kept looking at it for a long time until it went far from my sight.

We arrived here on November 5th, clean, nice, and so neat street and houses, almost every house looks the same, but in different colors, still, not something your eyes might hate, the colors are actually good and pretty like a color palette, organized and beautiful.

Mom loved the place immediately as Dad did; for me and Johny, we were okay and still okay with that; you might still wonder why I’m still living with my parents? Because Johny needs me, he had a car accident and is still in trauma after what happened, we are so close; I took a year gap before college to think very well about what I want to do and where I want to go…

Johny loves Halloween so much, it’s his favorite time of the year, I’m more a Christmas person, but I like Halloween too and like to spend time telling stories and watching movies or reading some horror stories like R.L Stine stories, they are my favorite.

So here we were on the big day, and I mean it, a big day…

It was October 30, I work in a school as a part-time job, it’s the same school that Johny goes to; I think it is the only school here! I work as an English teacher for kids, they accepted me because Mrs. Meridith was pregnant and they needed someone to fill her place until she comes back.

When I got in the classroom I found a book, the book’s cover had no image, just a headline “Trick or Treat” I opened the book, it looked normal, I thought that it was a book for kids for Halloween as the books I read normally, I left it on the desk and waited for the kids to come inside the class.

“Everyone in his/her place,” I said while they went inside the room.

“Hello, Kids; how are you today?”

“WE are fine, how are you, Miss Emilia?” they all said once.

“I’m good; are you ready for today?”


I took the book and opened it;

“Today we will read a new story, something spooky and fun for Halloween; who loves this time of the year?” I asked

They all raised their hands except one; a little girl,

“Angelica, don’t you like Halloween?”

She stood up, “No.”


“Because it frightens me.”


“Kids are bullying and the stories are horrifying…”

“But nothing of those stories are true…” I tried to assure her and make her comfortable.

“No, some of them are true; that’s what they say.”

“Who says?”

“The adults, some stories like the one in your hand are true.”

I looked at the book in my hand and then back to her;

“But this is just a story, adults love to make everything exciting and sometimes they just say things to make fun.” I smiled at her.

She looked down;

“No, they didn’t…” she said that in a low voice and so disappointed; I decided to read something different than this book.

After finishing the school day, I took the book with me and decided to read it alone.

When I went back home, Johny went to his room and I went to mine too; Dad and Mom were still out; I took a shower and wore something comfortable; I sat on my bed and took the book from my back bag.

I opened it;

“Before reading this book, remember that this is a true story, and each word you’ll read happened and every page will have to complete the one before it; don’t put the book down in the middle before finishing it, you’ve to read and don’t stop, or otherwise what will happen will be your responsibility.

Don’t begin if your heart is weak or you get scared easily…”

“Oh, nice intro…” I said to myself.

I turned the page;


Hello, so you decided to go on; then welcome; it’s a nice day in the year; this time of the year when the leaves fall down and the trees turn orange and yellow; it’s that time when the pumpkin patch is fun; Apples are red as blood, tasty and beautiful; Pumpkins are orange like the fallen leaves of Autumn.

It’s the time of the year when the dead wakes up and the spooky stories are true; when ghosts visit the streets and boogeymen ready to work; that time of the year when all the horror is true and ready to invade the world.

They are all in their costumes and ready to go out, to trick and treat; kids are eating candies and adults are partying aloud; but some are staying home watching movies or like you, reading spooky stories.

In this quiet city, this peaceful place you live in, there’s a house on the far hill, the hill behind the woods; I assume you might saw it; it’s painted in white, I know the years ate it and made it looks vintage, old and may seem that it’ll fall down; but don’t worry, this house is so strong and even stronger than you think.

The house is big, its garden has many types of roses and flowers, its rooms fill with stories and each story comes alive at this time of the year; this time when the night comes, the lights are on and the people of the house are alive with their spooky stories…

At this time of the year, the nice neighborhood and the perfect streets turn red and fearful…

So, still, want to go on reading? If yes, then turn the page, if you are not sure, don’t read and close the book now or you’ll never get the chance again!

I smiled as I liked the way this book is written and thought that was a part of a cliffhanger or something and nothing more, and oh my God how was I so naive and stupid; I turned the page and continued reading.

Once I turned the page I felt something strange happening, the sky went darker and the clouds filled it like it was going to rain or the storm will come, but then I heard a voice, not far and also not so close to me…

I couldn’t recognize the voice or hear what it says exactly and I started reading!

Oh, so you turned the page, from here there’s no going back and every word you’ll read might cause something, whatever happens, don’t close the book before finishing; so let’s go together to tell you some stories from the hell house, but before, wear something cozy and have some water for the ride…

I found myself wearing a jacket and having two large bottles of water; when I looked from the windows, I screamed;

“I’m not in the house! what is going on?”

I was inside a car and I wasn’t driving, I was just holding the book and remembered that I should not close it whatever happened until it’s finished…

So, where to begin? oh, I know, let’s begin with the house itself; the house was built in 1710; before this city, it’s old. Mr. Carter built it stone by stone for his beloved wife Jenfif; this isn’t a romantic story, it will get nasty and awful be the time you read more; let’s get back to the house.

Carter built the house and married Jenfif after the house; in 1715; he waited 5 years to finish everything and make it perfect for her; they got married in the same garden you see now…

I looked around me and I was in the garden of the house, like really in the house; and not just that It was like watching a 3D movie or something; it was the wedding day!

It was a perfect day for them and happy for all of their families and friends; The famous lovely couple was getting married; Jenfif in a beautiful white dress, Carter in a white suit, and their families and friends around them.

The wedding day was amazing and happy, but it was on the wrong date of the year; it was on October 31, the Halloween day; the wedding finished, and finally, everyone went to their homes; the newlywed couple got in the house; Carter took Jenfif in a tour inside the house…

They didn’t know that this land and this house hold a lot to them!

The night put its curtains, Carter and Jenfif were sleeping; the next day Carter woke up to find his wife sinking in her blood; a pool of blood in their room; he screamed and screamed for the servants to come and ask them to know what happened to his precious wife?!

I was inside the house, my foot in the blood and I couldn’t even move an inch; everything in the book, every scene turns in reality is like I live the story, but as third-person like the teller of the book!

They ran quickly upstairs to his room, they screamed when they saw the view;

“Oh My God, senior, what did you do?”

He was sitting on the bed, his legs close to him and his head hidden behind his hands; looked up at Margret, an old lady with white hair and small body, medium height, and wrinkled face;

“How dare you accuse me of this sinful act, Margret?”

“I don’t mean it that way, senior.”

“We have to get the police, I want to know what happened to my beloved wife? Did anyone of you heard anything or see anything?”

They all looked at each other and all answered “NO”.

“How did that happen, oh my love, oh God help me!” he cried and couldn’t move a bit…

The police came and tried to move Carter without messing with any evidence or anything that might help them! They took the servents too and asked for the families and friends to come to ask them some questions.

The house closed and the case closed too because they found no evidence and Carter left the country for good…

I know you are asking what did happen to his wife and how did she die?

But don’t worry all will come for you, just keep going because there’s no return from now on; keep reading the book to find the answers and the clues to finish the stories; if you didn’t there will be a consequence.

You’ve to take a seat now, you need to calm down and listen to the story carefully;

Carter got back to the house after 10 years with his children from his second wife, a French girl he married in Paris, she died too but because of a natural cause; he took his children 2 boys and a girl; Adam, Eve, and Ellis.

Adam is the elder and Eve is the youngest;

Carter reopened the house for them to live in and to know about their father’s country; everything was good, the kids grew up and each of them got married; they decided after their father’s death that they will live in the house as he asked them to do that; to live all together even after marriage.

Adam married Helen, Ellis married Sofy and Eve married Maxwell; big families, rich and famous and no one tells a story about the house and what happened to Jenfif, Carter’s first wife…

It was Halloween when it happened again; they lived a year of a happy life and had beautiful children, Adam had twin boys, Ellis had a girl and Eve had a girl and a boy; everything was good and they were happy, but here we go again, this time I’ll show you a hint for how the murder happened, be careful it will get bloody…

To be countinued…Trick or Treat Everyone

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