Forbidden Fruit

She always different from any other girl, she is the one who always love and care, she was pure, old fashioned girl.

But everyone wants her in any way they can get her, any way they can take her, take her love, care and pureness.

She never been so pretty or even have good body, she just have principles and manners, all she has dreams working to make it comes true. 

She just different in her talking, in her voice, in her clothes, sometimes Bold, sometimes Shy, sometimes dreamer, sometimes idealistic, sometimes alone, sometimes with her friends care for them , ask about them and love them, She just herself….

Is that what makes them want her? Is that what makes them lose her if she refuses them?

She refuses to give up, she refuses to be a girlfriend or just walk with someone, she wants to give her heart for only one man knows how to treat her like queen of his heart. She wants to fall in love like fairy tales, like novels she wants to make her own story, but they refuse to let her, if they didn’t take her, they will damage her life

She’s like a poison for them, she the forbidden fruit that they can’t touch or take her, but once she fell in love someone made her fall, destroy her heart and she promised to be the poison that will kill every man, she’ll be the perfect fruit that make them crazy about her, she’ll kill them so slowly and quietly…..        


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