What is the meaning of word “simple”???

How we define it?

Should I say if someone wears kind of clothes so he/she is simple, or rich one who doesn’t show up by his/her money so call them simple people, or someone good with everyone so he/she simple.

We define simple from our cultures, we define it from our environment, everyone of us will define it with many different ways, because we all are different in how we think or act…

Simple is anything the we feel it good or make our eyes like it not so rich or poor, not so bad or good, simple is the most word we can call to someone who knows how to be not selfish or to love people all the same and not over reacted or we can say simple about something not over designed or over colored like what Allah created…

Simplistic is something you define by your own way but we all agree that what Allah created is simple and beautiful 🙂


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