Why we all judge each other ???

If we see a girl wearing short skirt they will say she must be bad girl, if we see a girl are bold a little, she is impolite, if we see a man has long hair we will say oh what is this he’s bad, if we see man a woman walk together we look to them like they making love in street :/ If we see someone eat something we don’t like we must say something awful, if we don’t like someone we will talk behind his back very awful talking.

If we see a girl act some scenes in movies or series (you all know what I mean) you’ll say she’s bitch oh God what she has done :/ :/ if an actress wear an open dress oh that bad she isn’t good bla bla bla bla

Okay can I ask you girls you make everything bad you judge but in darkness, in secret but don’t love anyone to talk about you or judge you and men you too do the same but you gave yourself the right to judge a girl by her look or a man, who gave you this rights ?? who told you that you’re an angel? no you’r not you just a little peace of nothing but fake bad human being

Wake up people don’t ever judge anyone by the look or their job you real don’t know anything about them…..

#Fake #Disgusting #bad #people   


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