Everyone can forgive if they want to, but the difference from one to other is that the meaning of forgiveness changes, because of our thoughts, how we think makes us be different.

Forgiveness makes us live peacefully, but revenge makes us dig our graves, kill us slowly and quietly, because revenge never make us feel good, darkness won’t light darkness, but only light does, heat never conquer anything or win, only love does….

Forgiveness, love, light and all this wonderful meanings what make us feel better even in pain, what make us pure even when we been hurt, make us live in peace with ourselves even when we cry, when we tired from all this sadness, just forgive, make peace with yourself, make your happiness by your hand, don’t run from any problems face it don’t be weak in front of it, just never give up because Allah (GOD) always here for you, to help you, save you but first try and never give up on those wonderful meanings…



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