Social Network addiction

Do you remember when you play with toys or with teddy pears or with you brother/sister ??

Do you remember 1st book you read or 1st memory when you played with your father/mother??

Do you remember when the last time you talked to friends face to face, fought with them or cried with them or laughed with them without chatting and writing LOL…….

And Now.. your life is all about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, about upload pic here or here and some fake likes, writing I’m watching or listening or reading now bla bla bla bla..,

Is this our life now, we trapped in Social network, we hide ourselves in all this fake things, We forgot that outside there’s a real life full of good and bad, full of adventures, real love, mistakes and above all live it in realty not just words on Facebook or photo on Instagram.

if we want to ask about someone today we send message on Facebook, if we want to say happy birthday to someone we send pic and say enjoy it, if we want to love we chat on what’s app or Facebook and send emotions and smiles with hearts and kiss, and if we hate someone or angry send angry emotion.

I you want to make a research with your team make a call in Skype, and when you meet friends after all this everyone of hold his cell phone and surfing his/her social network..

And the last but not least children holding I-pad  or any kind of this technology playing by it and not talking to their brothers or sisters and of course their parents doesn’t care until the children make mistakes watching what they not suppose to watch or read want’s wrong and learning to be bad mannered

All of this because we’re addicted to social network and technology, we forgot the real meaning of life and love and friendship and above all family ………..


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