Who killed me?! (Episode 1 ( Romance me) part one)


Tuesday 24th march 2015

26 years old girl found dead in her house in Rue Laffitte, I read The newspaper this morning and this title took my eyes on it, then I had a call:

– Allo, bonjour

-Bonjour ma’am

– How’re you Nicolas

-Fine ma’am, we need you, ma’am because we have a new case

-I’m here for vacation and you ask me for work, oh how much time I told you not to call me ma’am ???

-Sorry Anushka

-That’s good never mind I’m still young for calling me, ma’am, I’ll come now, bye


After one hour.

I went to a house, a beautiful one, white painting, modern furniture, not much antiques or accessories, simple house, means who live in it is girl simple one, I walked to the salon I found dead body of a little young girl in her 20th the same girl I read about here in the newspaper.

I sit in front of her body, cold but no signs of any violent or residence. A voice behind me with french accent:

-You’re Anushka the detective, the famous young detective ever, right?

-Oui monsieur, that’s me..

-Nice to meet you

He kissed my hand like french gentlemen always do when seeing any women, I asked him:

-Can I ask you, Did you take her DNA and the tests??

– Yes, we did before you arrive by half an hour.

– Good can I see it when it comes

– Yes, you can of course

He smiled to me then went to talk to his assistant, Nicolas came toward me and said:

– Hi, Anu.

– Hi, Nicolas, What we see here?

– I think she committed a suicide….

– Mmmm, Don’t know actually, for me it seems murder but not an easy one, it’s complicated.

– Oh like, love..

I laughed and said:

– Yea like, love

I back to the body and hold her hands no signs for any violence or any kind of rape, then I took a look at her neck, there nothing here too, then I took a look at her lips I found it somehow wet.

I heard a sound  I took a look and then the sheriff came to me and give me the tests of the body, I read it and like I though it wasn’t a suicide, it was a murder, but not violent one, it was peace and quiet one.

I began my search in the house, in every inch, then someone got in suddenly and scream loudly:

-Nattalie, mon amour (my love)

I went to him and asked him:

– Who’re you, sir?

– I’m Jackson her lover. we were in love

– Oh, mmm

He sit beside her and tried to touch her, but policemen took him away from her body. He asked me:

– please tell me how she died?

-I’ll find out and will punishment who did this to her, I promise you.

He looked at me and cried again.



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