Who killed me? (Episode 1 (Romance me) part two)


After looking around in the house, I back to the man (her lover) and began to ask him few questions:

-Hi again


-so I know it’s difficult for you to handle this but I need to know something about the victim.

-yea, sure

-Okay, so. What’s your full name?

-Jackson Martins Caleb

-Okay Mr. Caleb, Are you from France?

– My mother from France but my Father From US.

-Nice, how old are you?


-Where do you live?

-Here with Natalie my girlfriend

-Oh….How much have you been in a relationship with her?

-About 6 years..

-Wow nice, so is she has any friends?

– Yes, three best friends, and few co-workers

-Name them, please

-Norma Antwan, Lisa Perkins and Jenifer Antony those her three best friends, co-workers: Liam Karl, Daniel Carter, Luisa Fernandez, Alia Mohamed. Those all I know

-Okay, where do you work?

-I’m a photographer and have my own studio

-Where have you been between 10 am till 2 pm?

– in the studio..!

-Do you have someone works with you or saw you there whole the time?

-I have clients, and my secretary Jana Williams.

-Okay, thank you Mr.Caleb, that’s all.


-you welcome (I smiled)

I called Nicolas and said:

Nicolas I need you to find everything about those names and sent someone to ask them to come by for answering some questions.

-Okay sure

-Good, go and thanks

Same day at 6 pm at the police station

I read everything about her and her friends, her lover, her family… Her family passed away, her friends arrived at the station..

-Hello, I’m Anushka the detective.


-please come with me


-please come in.

We went inside a room and sit then began my questionnaire…

-first I want Norma, you three can sit here while I finish….come in Norma.


-you American?

-No french

-oh (I smiled at her) nice, sit, please


-you welcome, now let’s begin.

-yes sure.

-good, What’s your full name, please?

-Norma Antwan Lafontaine

-You age?


-where are you working?

-In a magazine called le-fashionista, it’s just small magazine..

-okay. How much have you been knowing Natalie?

–when she came to France from 8 years, we were together in the college and found the job together.

-Do you know Jackson?

-yes, Natalie’s boyfriend

-Do you know how they knew each other?

-yea, they met in a nightclub when I and her were celebrating our new job, then they began went out..

-Nice, where have you been today between 10 am till 2 pm.

-in work..

-but today is a vacation ??!

-yea but sometimes we work extra time or days.

-okay, when the last time you saw Natalie?



-at the work.

I looked at her

-okay thank you, you can go now.

-thank you

I went out and called miss Lisa

-Please, Miss Lisa, come in.

-Okay Ma’am

-oh please not to called me ma’am, just Anushka ( I smiled)

-Okay Anushka.

-good, Tell me your full name please

-Lisa Perkins Mandy



-How much have you been you knowing NNatalie?

-for 4 years

-Where do you work?

-in a restaurant, I’m a secretary.

-mmm, okay, how did you meet Natalie?

-She came with Norma, to the restaurant and there was some problem I fixed it for them.

-Can I know that problem, please?!

-yea sure, some of the waiters didn’t get the food in time and even get them the bad wine, then he said bad words to them.

-oh, that’s really bad.


-okay, when the last time you saw Natalie?

-today at 9 am before she died by an hour!


-Did I say something wrong?

-No, not, How did you knew she died at 10 am?

-news arrive so quickly… (she smiled half smile)

-yea it is…Okay, Lisa after you saw her, where did you go?

-to the work.

-Do you have any prove about that?

-what? why should I ? but whatever yeah my co-workers, waiters.

-Do you have a car?


-okay, thank you, Lisa, sorry for disturbing you..

-No, it’s okay, thank you.. I hope who did it take his punishment

-yea he/she will soon

She went out and I called Jenifer

-please come in, how’re you?

-Fine thanks

-sit, please..


-you welcome.

I asked same questions to her but she was was outside pairs with her family, I questioned everyone.

12 am at the station, with Nicolas…

-Nicolas, I want to have every information about Jana, Jackson’s Secretary..


-don’t look to me like this.

-what? like What Anu.

-like you asking who killed her, and why I ask about Jana.

-oh, how do you understand me.

-your eyes, your body language, I studied Psychology, remember ??! (I smiled, he smiled back to me)



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