Who killed me (Episode 1 (romance me) part 3)


Nicolas gave me every information about Jana, I asked her to come for the questionnaire.

In the morning, Jana came to the office and get in mine, I said:

-Hi Jana, How’re you?

-Fine, thanks..!

-Sit please, I will ask you few question.

-Okay, sure

-Did you know Natalie before?

-yeah, I met her before, but I don’t know her so much

-oh, okay, when that was?

-I met her in the gallery.

-How many?

-about 3 or 4 times.

-okay, Did you realize anything strange between her and her love? or did he told you anything?

-No, he loved her so much.

-How was your relation with your boss?

-Not boss, he more like my best friend, we know each other when we were young.

-Mmm… okay, when were you between 10 am and 2 pm?

-In the gallery

-okay that’s everything, thanks

-Okay, thanks

She went outside, Nicolas got in and asked:

-she took with you only 10 minutes !!!


-why?! (he looked at me)

-because she’s so strange and what I asked her is enough for now, I need to go to the gallery and Natalie’s work too.

-okay, lets got

We took Nicolas’s car, drove to the gallery 1st, went in:

-Hello, Jackson.


-I want to see the cameras, please.

-oh sure.

I watched the last night films, but there’s something strange, there’s a 5 min. deleted. I let it without talking and then I took it with me, I went to Natalie’s work, also watched the cameras, but nothing strange, also I took it.

In the car:

-Hey, Anu what’s wrong?


-where to go?

-to my home

-okay, as you like

we went to my home, I sit, took a pencil and some papers, began to read the files, the tests again and again, write sorts of things, until I went to sleep, deep sleeping.

I wake up suddenly, I remember the videos, watched it again and then realize that the same 5 min. deleted also from the office like the gallery, that’s strange. Why? who? when?

I looked at the time in the video it was 11.30, the other one it was 12.00 that deleted, and then I knew who did it.

I went to Natalie’s home and asked everyone to come, and they did, everything was in its place, I said:

-Hello, everyone. How’re you today?

Jackson said: why we’re here?

Nicolas: you’ll know soon.

Me: Natalie was your love Jackson, and barely knew Jana, and best friend with Norma, Jenifer, and Lisa. but one of you killed her, not because of hate, but because of love, you Jackson you didn’t go to the gallery, but you were on your way to come here

Jenifer, you were in the office just for 2 hours, where have you been after that?

Jenifer: I went home.

Me: Mmm, Nicolas, please come here, if you love someone so much and this one love someone else what you will do?

Nicolas: will go away to forget.

Me: nice, but that didn’t happen here, Natalie killed by someone loves her so much, crazy love, and this one was Jana, her elder sister, that barely know her.

Jana: I didn’t kill anyone (she pissed off)

Me: Jana Wiliams, that’s your real name, your father adopted you and then when you knew that you left home when you just 10 years old, you were so young, Natalie younger than you by 5 years, she was the real daughter, but you love her, somehow Jackson’s family took you, raised you, you loved him so much but never tell, you and him best friends, you were watching Natalie from far away, when you knew she loved Jackson and he told you about here, you were sad but you accepted, you began to be her friend, got closer to her, know her better, but there’s a secret between you and Jackson, he loves you sexually, and you love him romantically, you felt angry from yourself and Jackson, and felt sorry for your sister, but you chose your crazy sexual love, so you decided to kill  Natalie.

Jana: No that’s wrong.

Me: really? what about you being in the gallery the whole day but there’s a cut in the video, 5 min. and in the office also 5 min. why?

Jana: I don’t know.

Me; so let me tell you, you were with Jackson, have sex, fast one, then you back, you leave the gallery every day at 12.00 the office is beside the gallery, somehow someone helped you to cut those 5 min. and this one was Lisa….

Lisa: I didn’t do anything.

Me: you were not in your office in that time, you helped her, but why? what has she with you?

Jana: Lisa hates Natalie, and I used her to help me take something from Natalie’s office, something belonged to me a long time ago.

Me: the photo of your parents

Jana: yes, I took it and went to home to put it, then I went to Natalie’s home, talked to her, told her everything about me and Jackson, but she refused to leave him, I got angry, told her about that I’m her sister, she told me she knew, and then we fought, she told me she hates me I didn’t believe her, she kept say it, but I love her so I got the knife and killed her, why my Parents do this, why she had everything, I’m human need love, safety, good relations and friends, beauty..

Nicolas: but you’re pretty!!

Jana: not like her.

She cried, I said:

-that’s not love, that’s envy, you convinced yourself that you love her, to just don’t feel guilty, and your romance for Jackson, the way he romance you made you ask for more and more like you said :(Romance Me), you got crazy,

She cried out, the police took her, other day finished Nicolas took me home:

-like always you solved it. you so smart (he smiled)

-not so smart.

– you’re, believe me.

He got closer toward me, tried to kiss me, but I got in the house, said:

-goodnight Nicolas, we have a flight tomorrow.

– (he smiled half one) okay, goodnight Anu, see you tomorrow.

I smiled and closed the door



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