Who Killed me? (Episode 2 (try hard) part one)


“Sometimes all we need is to look from outside the image, to be in the other side to know the difference and to find the truth”

Nicholas and I went to America, I feel sometimes that I’m like Sherlock Holmes (I smiled) Nicolas looked at me and said:

-Why’re you smiling?

-Why do you ask?

-Now we begin, you answered me by asking me, nice.

-I smiled because I remembered Sherlock Holmes I feel I’m like him but the difference we are traveling.

-yea and also you look like him (:P)

I hit him in his hand and said:

-Shut up.

He looked at me, held my hand and said:

-you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

-big lair

-you know I don’t lie to you and even if I want I can’t do it.

I know he loves me, but that is so difficult to happen between us, I’m a Muslim, he’s Christian, that’s enough to tore us apart as lovers but as best friends, not big deal, not even a deal to think about.

We arrived at my home, actually we are living in the same building, the same floor, it was 22.00 pm we were tired from the flight, every one of us got inside the house and I let the suitcase without unpacking it and threw myself on the bed and fell in deep sleeping.

At the next morning, the door knocked hard, I woke up and said:

-I’m coming, stop you’ll break te door.

I opened the door.

-What’s going on Nicholas?

-ask me what’s not going on, there’s a big murder happened yesterday.

-big!! who died?

-Alex Lavine.


-Lavine the photographer, one of the most famous photographers.

-oh, mmmm

-oh. mmm ?!!! what is that?

-nothing, I’ll take a shower and come, sit and help yourself.

I took a shower, got dressed and went to the murder scene. I called a little boy sat beside the door:

-Hey boy, come here take this and buy a black coffee and buy anything for yourself, go quickly.

I looked at the body, Lavine always been handsome even when he died, maybe his attractive face and body killed him, I got closer, I didn’t see any kind of bullets or knife’s cut, or any kind of cut, I called Nicholas:

-get me the doctor.


the doctor came, she’s a tall pretty woman, I said:

-Hi, I’m Anushka

-Hi, I’m Lily, nice to meet you.

-it’s my pleasure, did you check the body, test it?

-yes, I did.

-okay, tell me the results.

-there’s nothing suspicious or wired, but I sent a test to the lab to know if he had been poisoned or not.

-good, thanks, Lily.

I looked again at the body and found something not wired but strange.



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