Who killed me (Episode 2 (try hard) part two)


-Nicholas come here, please.


-if someone kissed someone else or had sex is there anything can prove it?

-what?! (he laughed) why you ask my love?

-I’m not your love and stop looking at me like this.

-like how Anu?

-we’re now working Nicholas, answer me, please.

-yeah, we can prove it but first after the test comes.

-what if it’s new?


-what if he done it before death? can we realize it without testing?

-it’s a strange question but yeah we can.

-okay good, I want you now to have every information about him and his relations in work or personal

-okay, I’ll.


He went to do what I ask him about, I looked again at the body, I realized his pant’s zipper is opened, his lips somehow still wet, but how??!

I went to buy every magazine he worked in, every issue he took pics on it, then went to the office.

at 14.30 pm, at the office:

Nicholas came in my office and said:

-look at this.

-what is that?

-those pics are for him and his favorite model, Anna Marquez.

-oh, and?

-and when I asked I knew that he was hooking up with her.

-just hooking up?!

-yeah, and she too doesn’t love him.

-Mmm, okay, what else?

-he had sex with every model worked for him, except two, one called Lamar, she’s Lebanon, the other called Kathy from Canada

-okay that’s good I want them to come here and every detail about them.


I read the file again and again if Lavine had sex with everyone why he always was with Anna, and why he didn’t do it with those two girls?

I went to Lavine office, to try to find anything, but all I got is some papers, camera, condoms, but there’s a shelf is closed by digital safety numbers, I tried to find something to open it, or to destroy it, then a girl got inside the office and said:

-it won’t be open without the numbers.

-you’re Anna, right?


-Hi, why are you here, Anna?

-to take some stuff.

-what kind of stuffs?

-my underwear, my photos.



-Sit Anna, please.


-how much have you knew Lavine?

-when we were babies


-yes, we’re neighbors, and our families best friends.

-Mmm, nice, then?

– Do you need to hear our story?


-okay, we knew each other from our families and got in the same school, first time I lost my virginity was with him, then we decide to be best friends and hook up together. We went to the same university, then work together, all our life together.

-Mmm, whare have you been between 12.00 pm till now?

-in my house, sleeping

-okay, thanks, Anna.

I backed to the office, then I saw Lamar and Kathy crying.



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