Who killed me (Episode 2 (try hard) part three)


Lamar a Lebanon girl, came to USA to work as a model, she’s beautiful, attractive, but Kathy is sexy.

I began the invistgation with Lamar first.

– How’re you, Lamar?

– not good

– don’t cry please I know you lose someone you respect.

-not just respect but appreciate what he did for me.

-what did he do for you?

-so much to tell you, I came here with no place to live with not enough money, I was working at a small cafe, he saw me and give me a job and now I’m a model, famous, have money and everything I dreamed about.

-oh, how much do you know Mr. Lavine?

-about 4 years

-did you love him?

– yea, everyone loved him.

-I mean did you fall in love with him or have any kind of relationship besides work??

-no, no

-okay, can you tell me before Mr. Lavine death when the last time you see him??

-at work, we had a photo session

-okay, thanks, Lamar, you can go.

-thank you, I hope you find the killer soon.

-we will inshallah

Then Kathy got inside and I said:

-hi Kathy


-how’re you?

-good, thanks.

-how many years did you know Mr. Lavine?

-one year

-mmm……okay, how do you describe him, his morals, his way, everything?

-he was so good, intelligent, handsome, good talking, sweet, we all love him

-you all?!!

-yes, everyone who worked with him.

-oh, okay. when the last time you saw Mr. Lavine?

– last week because I was in Canada this week.

-okay, thanks, Kathy.

-thank you

I smiled to her, she went out, Nickolas got in and asked:


-what Nicholas?

-you seem worried

-yeah, something weird in this murder.

-what is it?

-I think he didn’t die by poison or natural causes.

-yes, then?

-He ha been killed when he did sex.


-yes, somehow the poison is somewhere else in his body.

-you mean his…

-yes, I want you to make some tests again.

-okay, soon it’ll be here.


-you most welcome.

After few hours, Nicholas back and gave me the tests, I read it, then knew everything.

I went with Nicholas to Lavine house and asked Anna, Lamar and Kathy to come, they arrived at the time, I began:

-Hello everyone


-okay now I won’t take so much time from you all, I knew who killed Lavine.

Lamar: who??

Me: wait, you’ll know.

Okay, everyone, now we all know that Anna was hooking up with Lavine and also knew him from so long, it’s actually a lifetime relationship, and yes Anna you loved him so much but you never told him.

Anna: yes I did but if I told him, I was going to lose him.

Me: yeah, right, whatever, Mr. Lavine died when he made sex with one of you, the poison was in his… you now what I mean.

Kathy: what, but I never made love with him.Nicholas

Nicholas: Mr. Lavine never make love, he always had sex only sex.

Anna: right

Me: yes, right, Kathy, you’re not virgin, also you didn’t have sex with him, why?

Kathy: because I don’t like him enough to do it.

Me: mmm, and you Lamar?

Lamar: because I’m western, have tradition.

Me: really, how about you pics with bikini or naked sometimes, or how about the one you loved and died in Lebanon before you came to USA??


Me: I will tell you, you were in love with a man called Victor, he was Lavine’s assistance, your face wasn’t like that before coming here, but when you refused Lavine’s offer, he fired Victor, and victor tried a lot to find another job , then he killed himself, you went to change you face, then came to USA, and made all the plans to revenge from Lavine and what he done. You decide he must die because he is bad and all he thinks about is desire, sex….blah blah blah.

-Then you killed him by giving him a condom full of poison, right?

Lamar: yes right I won’t lie, he deserved to die I wanted to torture him. He was bad, Anna every day was crying from loving him, Kathy and every girl was just a sex machine for him.

We took Lamar to Jail, everything is finished, sometimes sex could kill you, or destroy you, Why all that? why desire drives us to kill or to be killed??!


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