Who killed me? ( Episode 3: the Magician (part 1))


Thursday 12 August 1937, New York, USA

a voice said:

-Johns where are you going?

-Lina, leave me alone now.

-No, I won’t, what happened?


-you lying

-Lina, stop! okay, I must go now…

2015 August 12 Wednesday,

Nicholas: those are two tickets to magic show

Me: are you crazy?!


-okay, listen, Nicholas, we have work to do.

-Anu, please come in, let’s have some fun, please.

He looked at me with his blue adorable eyes, and I accepted his offer.

We went to Thanatos theatre, the name is weird I knew it’s greek language but I don’t know the meaning.

We got in, people who come here like we called upper life, rich people, wearing dresses from most expensive shops. We sit, the show began, a man wearing black suit, and black hat, in his hand a tall stick, not like any magician stick, it was wood, he began with simple easy fun tricks, after that he began to make it harder, I concentrate on his hard tricks,

Magician said:

-I know every one of you had a dream, passion, desire, what if I can make everything come true..

a man’s voice:


Magician: come here sir please, what’s your name?


-Hello, Mr Adam, how old are you?


-good, what’s you dream or passion or desire?

-live with Mera until death separate us

I watch this man who called Adam, he’s handsome, elegant, and I try to see the girl he’s talking about, but couldn’t see her. Magician’s voice made me concentrate:

-Adam, you love her so much?




-please, call her to come up here

-okay, Mera, please come here baby.

A girl wearing red dress, with long sleeve and open back, it’s so simple and pretty, she went up, the magician said:

-Are you Mera? you look so pretty

He kissed her hand and complete

-Mere what’s your dream?

-to be with Adam until death.

-you both want the same, good. Now, this box you will get inside both of you and then will make you dreams come true.

I concentrated carefully, I don’t know why, but I felt something weird not good but bad so bad.

Both of them got inside and after a while, got out and said they saw their future together, I didn’t understand, but I told myself this is so fake maybe they are his assistants.

We left, and Nicholas drove me home, I just wanted to sleep that all I think about.

Thursday  13 August 2015

I wake up, took a shower, then I made breakfast and took the newspaper and began read it, suddenly I found a murder.

Adam and his fiance Mera died in their home last night in mystery way, unfortunately, we lost two souls from pure one, they were humans, lovable, helpful to everyone. Rest in peace Adam and Mera.

I though that something is so terrifying and bad happened to them and somehow related to this magician.



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