Who killed me? ( Episode 3: the Magician (part 2))


13 August Thursday, 15.00 pm at the police station

Nicholas: Anu, why are we here?

Me: Because I want to ask about the death of Adam and Mera.

Nicholas: who?

me: those couple from last night magician show.

I showed him the newspaper and he said:


He took the newspaper, read the article then said:

-what do you think?

-a murder.


-because why those two love birds who love their life want to die or is this a natural death? I think no, it’s not.


-we will know now.

We went to Richard Maccandol’s office, one of the best police officers in New York, I knocked the door, a voice said:

-Come in

-Hello, sir

-Anushka, the best detective, How are you, girl?

-Fine sir, thanks and you sir?

-good, why you’re here?

-actually, sir, I’m here for this.

I gave him the newspaper to read it, he took it and read it then said:

-oh, Adam’s death.

-yes, sir.

-you always digging for a new case.

-always, sir.

-okay, sit.

-thanks, sir.

– we think he had been killed, a murder, but we don’t have a clue like it’s a magic.

-a magic!!

-yes, why?

-not a big deal sir, can I take this case?

-yes, I was going to call you, but you came before I do. I want you to take it.

-thanks, sir.

-do your best.


we went out from his office with the file and went to our office to work on it when I began to read it I realized a name called Margret, this name written a lot in many events.

-Nicholas, I want to know everything about that name, Margret.

-okay, I’ll give you everything about her, anything else?

-yes, I want to meet the magician.

-consider it done.

-good, it must be done.

He went out and I complete reading the file…………after few hours Nicholas back and gave me a file about Margret.

Her full name Margret Andrson William, live in Beverly Hills, very rich, own a big beauty center, her age 32 years old, very beautiful as her photo shows, I called the number, and a voice answered:

-Yes, who is calling?

-Hello, ma’am is here Mis. Margret?

-yes, I’m Margret, who’re you?

-I’m Anushka, a detective

-what do you want?

-did you hear about Adam’s death?


-I think not, can I meet you.

-……..oh my God, yes when?

-today if it’s possible?

-yes, where?

-in my office I will send a message with the address.


I sent her the address.

After one hour, she came in my office, with her black formal dress, elegant, pretty and so confident, I said:

-please, Ma’am, sit.

-thank you.

-you most welcome.

-what happened?

-Adam and Mera died last night, and I want to ask you a few question.


-good, let’s begin, What’s your relation with Adam and Mera?

-I’m Adam’s step sister.

-mmm, and how’s you relation with him?

-was very good, he was my brother, my best friend, everything to me.

-and to him?

-what do you mean?

-I mean is that the same thing to him too?


-good, and how’s your relation with Mera?

-She was a wonderful girl, I loved her so much.

-Mmm. When the last time you saw them? or one of them??

-I saw Adam the night before last night.

-Where and when?

-at my home, about 5.00 pm

-okay, thanks for now Miss. Margret. when I’ll need you, I’ll call you.

-okay, thanks and please find the killer.

-I’ll, soon.



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