The 1st incomplete trip (into)

e721452eedf811e195f322000a1d0ce4_7-500x500 I took the step that many other couldn’t take, was about one step but afraid from taken it. But is this step was the experience? Yes, every day in our life is an experience and if we don’t learn from it, it won’t be useful, we won’t get anything and if we don’t do fault we won’t learn and be adult grown up, thinking well, if we don’t get out from the comfort zone, we won’t be anything but a routine boring people.
The story begins from taking a step, I’m not the heroine, but the story about many moments, every moment has a hero and every hero has a story, but I didn’t know their whole story yet, like it’s not finished yet or like I’ll see them again, or like it’s the 1st step to know the importance of every moment in our life and every person we met. Those heroes inspired me by a story to tell, imagination stories, but are it completed? Or it’ll be all from imagination??!
Let’s see who every hero is, what’s their life? And every story I’ll write won’t be from imagination, not a true story but the only truth is I went to this trip for a reason, for incomplete story….


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