The 1st incomplete trip (His eyes)


When I arrived, I didn’t know who I’ll meet in this city? or what I’ll see? or that I’ll back leaving unfinished stories, incomplete one.

I was planning everything, without knowing that everything gonna finish quickly, everything gonna is like a dream that never happened or I never lived in it.

I saw him, heard his name, it remembered me by someone I used to know before, but when I saw him, saw his eyes he was different, completely different, his voice, his eyes, his way, his style, just different. He trusts himself, trusts his own choices, knows what he wants, what he will do, sometimes he does sort of things without thinking, just want that then do it.

I didn’t know him well, but his eyes were the window to his inside, somehow he was so good at keeping his inside very well, he was so good at smiling and be good to everyone, maybe that what I felt when I saw him, maybe he’s not so good, or he is so good, those secrets inside him made me want to know him better and read him like a book, I want to meet him again and know him better, I know I won’t be able to get inside him, but at least I feel that our story didn’t finish yet, is it possible that there’s a story between us, there’s a friendship could come? Is it possible that he will let me inside his life, or I’ll be just another one he knew? Are we connected? or just met on and knew each other for few days, and won’t talk again? or I met him in my way to help me and the end of the story?

Is he need that one who care about him and never been found until now? will he be always that man who travels, knowing people, helping them, but always alone? Will he that man who believe that being alone, trusting no one is better?

Did I read him well or want to read him like this? Did I want to know him more or I’m afraid of knowing him? All I know is he keeps a lot of secrets inside him, somehow I feel he’s not from that kind that tell his secrets to anyone or even his best friend, I feel that he just want to smile and laugh and live his life, getting out from normal boring routine.

Sometimes you met people you won’t talk to, sometimes you met others that talk to them for days maybe hours, sometimes you met others your story didn’t finish with them yet. That how I felt with him, our story still there, our way will meet again, maybe soon, maybe after months, maybe after years, but we will meet again.

He teaches me that experience whether bad or good, we must never be sad from it or regret it, just learn from it, and never lose hope…

Still I want to know him more, not interfere in his own life without his approval, all I want to know him when he wants that, just when he comes to me to say come inside, to know him after knowing I can be a good friend, I don’t know why I want to be his friend, don’t know why him, not in love with him, I like him because he is different, he has his own way to act and think, not like many of who I met, know the difference between this and that.

His face is like kids, babyface, his eyes are smiling but can keep the secrets without exposing it, he can smile every minute, but what about when he’s alone? is he smiling too? or not? Is he searching love or friendship? is he like every man who says I don’t want love, love is for stupids or he’s waiting for the right one who will break his own self-defense and get inside him without even knowing that she already did?

Tell me did I read you right? or I just wanted to see you different from others? Who’re you really? Will we meet again? Will we know each other more? or this is the end?

Your story maybe is the story I searched for along, your story is what I dig for, why you? don’t ask now, soon you’ll know, just look in the mirror and see your eyes, how much they can keep inside? How much will they not expose you?

His eyes is my story, my inspiration, I’m not the heroine here, he is the hero, he is the one who I want to make everyone read about him more and know who’s he?!

His eyes made me full of many questions wait to solve it…


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