We met in a small Italian restaurant in Venus, I was setting alone, read my book, he set there in front of me, drinking his cafe, looked at me by his dark brown eyes, I looked at him too, then he came and sit in the chair in front of me without even asking, just sit.

Asked me my name, I still keeping silent, still can’t understand how can he be so bold to sit without asking then ask my name?!

He stands and hold my hand, I just kept looking at him, surrender to his magic, don’t know anything about him, completely stranger, we dance, he made me dance, holding my hands, push me to him, hold me like I’m a child accepting what he does without complaining, and what made me feel strange that I love what he does.

He took me with him in his car, why am I so weak like this? why do I accept him?

old Cadillac 1965 drove me to a nice small house, hold my hand, got inside, made me sit, and I saw him getting a sketch, start drawing me, am I his new project? Am I his new image, new face?

Why do I think about what he thinks about me?

He lighted his cigaret, after drawing me a while, and I still like a statue don’t move, he came closer and whispered in my ears:

You’re so beautiful, so different, so good to be on a picture, don’t ask me why you? it’s just your eyes conquered me..

I said:

Who’re you?


I looked at him, his eyes. Is love from first sight real? I don’t believe in this kind of love, but all I feel now is him around me, his smoking breathing fills the room, I never liked the smoking but with him I like it from him, what is happening to me? How could I think like that?

He came again beside me and said:

-What are you thinking about?



-why me?

-do you believe that we could be known each other from before?

-what is that? Are you kidding I don’t remember you, really tell me!

-just an artist fall in your eyes.


-then want to know you more.

He smokes then kissed my lips, all I felt that I fall into him.

All I want is to know him more and know who is he? why I fall into him so fast.

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