The 1st incomplete trip (His Eyes: chapter two)


We met at my first day in India; I won’t tell his name now or won’t tell his name in the whole story, when I saw him I didn’t think much about that I want to know him, or to get closer to him, but I got curious about knowing him, something made me feel that I want to know him more, maybe that’s normal as we were 1st time to meet each other, or maybe that because of his eyes, that made me think who is he?

We say hello to each other, he sat and we kept talking, nothing was not normal just a few people talk, always in my first meeting with anyone don’t talk so much, I just listen to everyone around me, to know them or to see how they talk and act.

1st day wasn’t so much to be enough to him well.

Next day I went to the company, I felt weird inside it, not afraid but worried from something until I saw the people I knew, when I saw him again I felt this boy is funny, I don’t know why I think of him like this but I just got this idea, he’s not bad maybe crazy but not bad.

Now I want to know him more, every time he looks at me by those dark eyes, I feel that, he’s keeping many things inside, maybe that’s what I feel but why him? Why not feel this with any of the others?

His dark eyes make him good, not so handsome but attractive, make him different.

We didn’t talk much, just a little, at the 3rd day when I met him I wanted to know him more, he made me laugh and forget my worries, because of him and the others I wanted to stay more days to know him, to be friends, I don’t know why I found in him this friend I have been searched for? But I can’t make him feel the same about me, can’t force my friendship on him or on anyone else.

All I have is to offer my friendship and wait for an answer and I must accept it whether good or bad answer.

To write about him more I must know him well… Will he let me inside his life and makes me know him better? Will he accept my friendship?


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