Who Killed me? (3rd Episode: part 3)



-Johns, wait please, listen to me!

-Lina, I can’t now, just want to be alone and think well.

-No,, I won’t leave you.

-stop, please

-why all that?

-because of Mark, Lina

-what about him?

-He stole my magic diary


-yes, he did.

-How? Why you so sure that’s him?

-because he’s the only one knows where’s it.

-I don’t know, I don’t understand.

-and you won’t, just leave me alone.

Johns left Lina alone and went to his house, He kept thinking about everything, this day that he fought with Mark, and that day when he saw Mark stole the diary, he kept thinking why Mark did this? Why?!!


Knock on my door;

-yes, who?

-Anu, can I come in?

-sure Nicholas, come in.



-is there anything new? Did you find anything in the files?

-yes, nut I want books and files about the history of the theatre and its founders, everything about it.

-we can go to the theatre’s library

-good idea, but wait until it closes.


-I don’t anyone to sees us.

-okay, as you like.

We waited until midnight, then we drove to there, for 5 minutes I kept looking at the theater, then we got in with the help of the security, we got to the library, we began searching for books talking about the theatre’s history, but nothing, till I found a door, I went to it, try to open it with the keys that I took from the security, but nothing opens it, Nicholas put his hand on some shelf then the door opened suddenly.

We got in, it was full of books, old one, and diaries, we took every book and began reading it and talking notes.

Nicholas said:

-We must take it with us.

-No way, they killer will know that we’re closer to him.

-good point.

I smiled at him and he smiled too, we kept reading till I found what I need……


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