The 1st incomplete trip (His eyes: Chapter 3)


Will he give me this chance to know him? Will he accept the idea of letting me inside his life and let me know him?

I don’t know yet if this will happen or not, don’t know if he even accepted my hand and my friendship, don’t know if he knows that I talk about him or not.

Did he like my words about him or not? Did he know?

Who is he? Will my story about him will be completed or will be incomplete like my trip? Will he let me write about him?

When I looked at him I found a story to tell, a story to make everyone read, maybe he’s still young, but somehow I feel he has the story that I need, that kind of story that will make everyone fall in love with, yeah some will be from my imagination, but his reality is what I need to build the story, he’s the hero that I need.

Every day we met people everywhere, some we talk to, some we don’t, some be friends, some be just strangers, but did we think before that everyone in our life has a role in our life? Did we know that everyone we see is someone maybe we will be best friends with or maybe will deal with in the future?

Maybe I saw him before, or maybe he did, but we never look to each other or knew.

Maybe we had mutual friends and we didn’t know.

Sometimes I think why I met people in different ways not all in one time? Why I like that and not this? Why do I want to be friend with that and not the others? How do I feel that this one is the best friend I been searched for? Is he feels the same? Could no one know now? No one of us can be able to decide now?

I still want to know him more, much more…


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