The 1st incomplete trip (2nd story: Adult, Chapter 1)


Being an adult not being old in age, but being responsible for your decisions, being able to give a word and be responsible for it.

That’s how He was and I think he always like that, he gave me this impression that he is someone always trustable, you can feel safe with him, someone to tell secrets and what you feel, someone to be friend with, I don’t know if what I feel is right or is true or not, but I hope it’s true that I read him right.

He was talking to me and wanted always to help me, that made me trust him, made me feel safety,  he was so generous and kind, be a man with kindness is someone you must respect, be a man keeping his word made anyone respect him.

He’s simple, nice to talk with, nice to hear him giving advice, like a brother that will always be beside you and keep you safe, he can make this with anyone and that what make him wise and a real adult man.

I didn’t meet someone like him all I hope and wish for is that he will always be like that and be kind and helpful to everyone not just me but everyone needs him, if I’ll talk about him, I’ll talk about his help and kindness with me in this trip, I hope we will know each other more, I’m not expecting anything from him or anyone else just want to write about them to make everyone read about them….


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