The 1st incomplete trip (Adult: chapter 2)


Before I go to India, He was always giving me a hand to help me, at the first I was afraid, I don’t trust so easily, I didn’t find someone like him wants to help everyone without even knowing them, didn’t find someone like him ready to help you in anytime.

After a while, when He went to India, I was so curious to meet him and know who is he? is he really helpful and good man? or not?

I went to India and met him, I saw a man that can be trustworthy don’t know if I read him right or not, but I saw in his eyes he’s a good man, adult man that keep his words and I felt safe with him, in my 1st day I was so worried, didn’t eat or drink anything, we met each other, we eat and laugh and I met new people, I felt safe completely safe with him, like he’s my best friend or my brother with me, I felt relaxing with him, felt like I know him from so long, like we met before, I felt somehow peaceful and forget some of my worries.

In the next day, I met him in the company, he sat with me and teach me sort of things about the work and how it goes, how they work, I don’t know why I felt weird inside the company, why I was worried? I tried to tell myself everything going to be okay, nothing to worry about, He with you and if there’s something tell him.

I convinced myself that he will always be with me and help me, but sometimes I think why he would do that? I was afraid that he will hate me or something.

He was talking about work and I felt worried again, I hate to be so hard on anyone, I tried to concentrate on what he says, what he was teaching me, he actually was  so good and I understood from him, when his time to go home, I worried again and wanted to go with him, but I went home alone.

I though we will meet to eat but he was sleeping and I was wishing to see him, to give me hope that everything will be okay…

But I didn’t know after an hour everything will finish quickly, so quickly….


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