The 1st incomplete trip (Adult: chapter 2; part 2)


We met the next day at the night, we ate together, talked a little not little but so much, I was re-thinking about staying because of him, of the others, everything finished quickly, like it was a dream that I ride the airplane and went to India, but maybe that’s the right thing to do now.

He came in the morning, kept his promise to drive me to the airport safely, I felt I’m going to hug him, and say I’ll miss you really, when I thought like that I laugh at myself, I can’t do something like this, how could I, I never did….

I say goodbye wishing to see him again, wishing to know him and the others much better and make adventure, maybe that’s not our time, but I’m sure everything comes in its time and be so wonderful, just wait for it.

Goodbye until we meet again and know each other better….


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