Her Body


Her body made her doomed, she never thought that one day, her body will be her curse, will be her hell, never thought that her own body will make every man looks at her fall in her body, she wear a simple clothes, never been so open or stylish, never wear an open dress, or hot short or even a bikini to make anyone look at her and make any man get high, but after while she realized that what she wear isn’t the problem, the problem is that she made them asking how is her body inside those clothes, and her eyes, her dark eyes made anyone got so close to her be crazy by her.

She never been in love, never been loved, all that she got some men admire her body, her eyes, her lips, her face.

One day she asked herself why?! All the answers were just in her own body, can a girl make every man came closer to her be doomed by her and wanting her like an animal, is every man wants her just for his own pleasure, no one in her life she knew loved her or looked at her as his friend or sister all of them wanted her and she still asking why??

She thought she fell in love with someone who was addict by her, she was his drugs, and the other thought they were friends, but he wanted her, he admired her from her feelings, her innocence, other wanted her to hug him, feel him, and others never admit, but their eyes were talking and exposed them.

Her body was her nightmare as she always feel that she’s like a girl who you can buy with money, those street girls, all that because men can’t control their crap minds, now days many of them lost their souls, hearts and faith in Allah, they made her feel sorry for herself, made her feel wrong that she is the doomed one, but no she’s not, not her nor her body, she’s not doomed or cursed, those freaks and sick men who are cursed by their desires and addiction.

Maybe she’s like drugs for them, but all that because their minds are sick and need some medical care

For every girl don’t feel shame from your body, simply you’re so beautiful and deserve the best, don’t be  ashamed of yourself.


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