The 1st incomplete trip ( 3rd story; The pretty one, chapter one)


She is confident, lovely, she knows what she want or it seems so, she loves herself and love everyone around her, almost everyone.

She is like that girl you see and like the way she’s, the she talks, the way she dresses, the way she moves, she’s not perfect, but she knows that her imperfection is simply her strength.

When I talked to her just on chat at the 1st time, I wanted to know her, actually I’m curious about everyone in this trip, I was so excited to know everyone and felt happy that she talked to me, I felt excited that I’ll go there and find people I already talked too.

After I saw her, she’s kinda cute but also confident about herself, she just do what she wants with a courage that she’ll take a responsibility for decisions she makes, if you see her you’ll say she’s a barbie girl, but I don’t think so, I think she’s more than a pretty face, she can be whatever she wants.

Maybe I didn’t have a chance to know her well, maybe I didn’t have the time to talk to her much more, maybe I didn’t read her well, but I know maybe someday I’ll know her more, if it’s not now, will be another time, another month or year or years.

Maybe my writings about her will be not so much but our day that I’ll write about for me a day to remember, a day I lived in, a day that maybe who lived with me in won’t remember, but for me it’s important.

I called this story the pretty one, because she’s pretty, confident and kind of helpful, without she knew she gave me some help for the future, for myself, she has a role in this story, my incomplete trip, my incomplete story….


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