life’s Highway


Do you realize that you went to the highway of your life and just was so harry to go to your dream and make it comes true?

Did you drive fast until you found yourself in some place you don’t know or don’t know how you arrived there?

I see people come and go in my life without telling them what I want and when I took this way, the highway I found myself on the cliff about to fall down and break everything inside me, I found myself somehow in the wrong side, with wrong people, living wrong life, but the only reality, the only thing is true and right in all this my dreams that hold my hand and told me: that not your way, not the right way.

When you ride your car or any transportation, you see cars and people a lot of them, but you never know who you’ll meet and how’s their life, or how they live?

All that you concern about is your life, your problems.

And what I learn from everything in my life, that I’m now a woman, not a little girl, I’m not weak, I make mistake, I fell down a lot of times, I got hurt and hurt people, but all this made me knew that I still breath and didn’t die on this highway, and I won’t give up.


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