The 1st incomplete trip (The pretty one; chapter two)


I met her at my 2nd day in India, in the office, I liked her, I think she’s good maybe yeah I don’t know her well, but I liked her, she’s different and actually those different people attract you.

on the 3rd day, I met her, she knew about my problem, tried so much to hold me from going and advised me a lot that I must not going back and face everything from there, but yeah I was already upset and felt so bad, whatever, she’s good I think, I don’t if I can write about her so much, or talk about her a lot, but all I know is maybe someday we’ll meet again or we won’t or we will just chat, or not, but all I can say about her is that she is the pretty one, the confident, the different, the lovely I think.

I won’t judge her nor anyone else of who I met there until I know them more until every one of them or some of them give me the chance to know them more and be friends.

I spent a day with her, we didn’t talk so much in this day, but still was so great to know some girl can be courage and confident of what she does or thinks, she deserves what she dreams of, because I think every one of us deserve to make his/her dreams come true.

She has her life, her private one, that maybe I won’t know ever or maybe I’ll, but that’s not the problem, I just want to know that the sparks in her eyes are real, not for a little time and will vanish, those sparks in her eyes what made me want to know her more.

I didn’t say goodbye to her because I feel one day I’ll meet her again and if I don’t maybe this for the best for both of us..


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