The 1st incomplete trip ( 4th story: Girl next door; chapter 1)


Funny how we see the kindness of anyone and trust them easily, maybe they’re really kind or maybe they’re anything but kindness or trustworthy.

The girl next door or the one who act like it, the girl who I thought that she really helps and I so appreciate, wanting to make anything to just show how thank I’m to her, but I never thought for once that she doesn’t help me.

Before I went to India I was happy that someone like her talks to me and helps me, I felt somehow easy and I won’t be alone, I think she’s not bad, maybe crazy, somehow thinking in different ways, but being bad means being awful and evil to everyone around.

She told me about the house, the room I should live in, she also told me about some trip, she was talking to me and how she wanted us t be friends, and yeah I was appreciating that, I was thankful for what she did and all her help she gave to me.

I thought I found a friend but did I ?? Did I found someone will help without asking for benefits? Did I found a friend will always be here even if we far away from each other?

Am I judging her? Am I thinking wrong about her?

I just don’t know, I was so angry from blowing up my whole trip, I was so angry from not knowing everything, I was so angry from everyone around me.

I’ll tell you a short story when I met her and talked to her, she seems so kind and pretty, typical the girl next door, the innocent little girl……


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