The 1st incomplete trip (Girl next door; chapter 2)


I arrived, I was so thrilled about being in India, and see everyone there, especially to meet the one who helped me, and made me feel comfortable somehow.

When she finished her work she met me, and we got out with other people to eat, I didn’t eat from the morning, she’s good, that what I felt, she’s sweet innocent girl, but I think that no one completely sweet or innocent, we ate, then went home.

The next day I went with her to the office, she tried to make me understand thing about the house we live in, but her English is some kind difficult, not easy to understand, so I told her not now, we will talk letter, I didn’t think that after few hours everything will finish, after few hours I’ll be surprised a lot, we talked a little bit in the office, I tried to make her understand sort of things but nothing, it’s so difficult when you feel that the one in front of you won’t accept to understand.

I sat a few hours in the office then went home and when she came at the night she said hello to me and I was so mad and angry from everything.

Yeah, everything going to be finish so soon, sooner than I thought, so sooner, I was feeling bad and mad and angry from what around me and from myself.

I have just one more day, I wasn’t want to see her again because I was so mad, I tried when I saw her at night to hold my temper, hold my madness, hold my anger, my eyes from exposing me, I wanted just to enjoy every second in my day before leaving, I didn’t tell her I will leave, I didn’t want to tell her anything about what happened.

And when the morning came I left, she helped me with my suitcase, she hugged me asking me if I’ll back but no I won’t this is my last few hours in India, the incomplete trip….

Maybe like I think she’s is the one who I’m somehow sure won’t meet again maybe I won’t so I said goodbye to her.



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