The 1st incomplete trip (The Airport)


Some stories are meant to be finished before it’s beginning, some are meant to be incomplete and some never happened.

Some journeys begin to be not finished or to be incomplete or it’s just happened to make us live an experience we never think about, some of those journeys bring to us a lot of experiences to teach us that you can be even stronger than you thought, to have this power to fight until you achieve what you dream about.

And this is my journey, began when I dream about traveling, I was always dreaming when I’ll get to the airport and go beyond the sky when I’ll write about the adventure I’ll make, the people I’ll meet, the places I’ll see, like writing my passion, traveling is not just a dream, it’s a desire and my prophecy which I want to fulfill.

I worked hard to travel, at least a short trip, but I never thought that this trip would be the incomplete one, the one that will change me, the one that will make me see how I’m different and how people are different from what I thought about who they are.

Yeah it’s not the end, not the end of my dreams or the end of my journey, but it broke me apart, somehow it keeps changing me from inside to outside, keeps reminding me about that I’ll now facing a lot in my life and now I must be more and more strong.

Maybe no one cares to read about my little incomplete trip, but I’ll writing and someday everyone will read it and maybe learn from it too.

I succeed in the college, finally the last step finished, I was so happy, not just because I succeed or because I’ll fly to India, but also because I was so excited to show the world who am I really, to meet new people, new cultures, to fulfill one thing of my dreams, the story begins from the Airport.

27/7/2015 days I won’t forget, I never been outside Cairo, not just Egypt but also Cairo, I never saw the airport from inside, or went there, I was so excited to go inside, my heart beats so strong, smile on my face, a little bit worry yes, it’s my first time away from my family, but I wanted it, I dreamed about this 1st trip, I went inside, for me so beautiful, maybe it’ll be excited but not so beautiful to anyone else, I reached the waiting room, I watched people around me, like I never saw people before or maybe it’s my head imagining the flight how it’ll be, The bus took us to the plane, so pretty, so clean, I liked it, I loved it actually, I sat and watched every detail around me I was just need some papers to write what I felt at this moment, I was so ready for this, fly and fly beyond the skies like I’ll touch the sky by my hand.

The first seconds of flying, those seconds to reach the sky, I closed my eyes and just dream about how it’ll be there, how my trip will, I was having so much to do, the plane flew, I opened my eyes seeing the sky, watching it, how beautiful it’s, I was things about a lot, 1st to write about this trip.

I have to stay in Dubi airport for 5 hours and when I arrived the airport in Dubai, I liked how fascinating it’s, the market, cafes and everything like you’re in a big so big mall, I walked and watched every inch in it, so wonderful.

I reached the place I should stay in to wait the flight, many people are going to India, families back to their homes or friends visiting it, I was watching them and excited about this trip, every detail in it wanted to put it in my memory and save it.

The waiting place changed twice when the flight is ready and we went to plane, I ride beside a woman, married one, her husband works in Dubai and she has a son, she like Dub so much, I was happy to talk with her, stranger but so polite and when I arrived at Delhi airport she helped me with something before we say nice to meet you and goodbye.

I took my suitcase without knowing that what waiting me outside the airport is just 3 days to live in India, and people some I wanted to know more and some I wanted to forget.

From here the story began but didn’t finish yet……


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