The 1st incomplete trip ( Arrival )


From those moments, I’m the heroine of the story, I’m the heroine of those moments, I’m the one who will tell a story about herself and people she met and how she felt, from now I’ll tell a story about 3 days in India.

I rode the car, like you all know that India like United kingdom, the driver is on the right side, n the 1st I was going to sit in the driver seat, I wanted to sleep because I have been a day flight  and didn’t sleep even in the plane.

I tried not to sleep in the car until I go to the house, I was watching everything in the streets on my way to the house, watching people, streets, markets, everything literally.

It’s like Egypt somehow there’s some similarities, I like India, actually the most thing you can like is culture and history, it’s one of the biggest nations in the history, it’s culture, it’s empires, it’s religions, it’s legends and a lot more.

What makes it beautiful, there are a lot of historical places.

I arrived home, I felt so wired, maybe because it was the first time, I went inside waiting for the owner, a young girl maybe in my age or younger or older, she’s helping the owner in handling the work inside the house, I didn’t feel good when I saw the room, I won’t tell much about it, all I can say sometimes you feel good and relaxing to something when you see it, but also sometimes when you see something you feel bad about it.

I sit in the room and all I asked about is to let me sleep and this what happened, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, one of the people I told a story about called me to go to eat and that made me feel well and good, to have someone you can feel free and well with him/her, I went with them to a street having a lot of markets, street food, restaurants, normal street, but everything in Noida closes about 10 pm or 10.30 pm.

We got inside restaurant called Nazir, it was good, I like it, and yes I felt that everything will be okay without knowing that so soon everything will finish.

I went back home, trying to sleep and have some rest for another day….


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