Thoughts and imagination


In a place far away from home, in a place when no one can find me, in a place with peace and love, with people you don’t know if they’re real or just a story.

That kind of place that has his own music, his own fantasy, that place that you’ll fall in love with it.

I always love to go to that place, and it’s my favorite place, Books are my favorite places ever in this world, books are the only thing that can be a true friend without lies or asking for benefits, books are the world of love, imagination, and creativity.


Books are the thing that you’ll fall for with pain, without hurting yourself, you will learn a lot from it, it’ll teach you how to be yourself, how to be in love, how to feel the beauty around you.

If I’ll give up to something this thing will be the books, it’s my world that no one can take it from me, I’m the queen of this world, the heroine that will tell a lot of stories not just about herself also about other people.

Open up your mind, feed it with reading, with books, and swim in the most beautiful sea.



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