The 1st incomplete trip (Day at Office)


I always say to myself never be afraid of new things and always be ready for anything could happen, always exercise to be more strong in any kind of situations.

Woke up early, taking shower, be ready to begin 1st day in office, I wait my friend because I don’t know the way yet, so I must wait her to go there together, when we arrived, I got to HR office, she’s was pretty, but I felt she’s so tough in her work, I wait until she finished, then she asked me for the papers and my ID, my Passport, then gave me a contract, to read it and sign it, it’s not an employee contract just some papers to make me understand the work inside this company.

I read it carefully many times, I didn’t feel so well about it, but I thought that I felt that because it’s my 1st time, 1st time work and 1st time outside Egypt, but my feelings got more and more after sign it, when I finished with her, the manager asked me to go to him, he felt that I’m not okay also my friends looked at me like they asking me “are you okay?”

But no I’m not, I didn’t eat, I don’t even feel I’m hungry, and also didn’t drink, something inside me told me that everything going to finish so soon.

The supervisor was ill and didn’t come this day, I set with one of my friends and he began teaching me a little bit of our work and how they work, how everything goes around here.

But all I could think about this company is so wired, not to take papers or pen or phones with you in there to not steal data, that made me feel why all that? and feel more worry about it!!!

I forgot a little bit and concentrate on what my friend teaching me and say, but after he finished I wanted to go to the house, what made me believe this is my last days that the manager after I asked him to call a cap for me, he refused by telling me that I should describe the direction to the driver, and left me go home alone, when I called the cap I knew that they know every direction in India, not just Delhi.

I was shocked if he did that now, what about if I work at night shift, I got more worry and kept all day without eating until I finally decide that I should back, but is this right decision or wrong one, whatever in any way I’ll be responsible about it and about myself….


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