The 1st incomplete trip (Day will never forget)


“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.”
Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

We all hold on memories even if it hurts us, we all hold on it because it was one day a real event in our life, some are happy, some are sad, hurt, pain, but we still want to hold on it because we know it’s our past, our life.

And for me memories are like books, every memory I have I can write a book about it, making it seems like magic, make it alive, for me memories are days that I lived in it and still feel it.

Why I called this story “Day will never forget” because it’s one of the most wonderful days in my life, day in “Akshardham”, day in Delhi, I always wanted to visit India to see every inch in it, I was thinking that this trip is going to make me fulfill my dream and make it comes true, but I never doubted that it’ll end sooner than later.

A day before my family bout the ticket for me to back to Egypt, I didn’t sleep well, when I wake up, cleaned everything, made everything in order, closed my suitcase, my friends came to take me in a little tour in Delhi and to make me see what I didn’t see, I went with them to a mall, they called it a big mall in Noida, it was good, like any other mall I have seen before, then we went to eat, eating Biryani is one of my wish list “what I want to eat”, it was so good, but big, then meeting another friend, she was trying to make me stay and told me how to handle everything, the one who helped me tried to talk to my father and ask him to change the flight but nothing happened, in my deep inside I wish he could convince him, but I know that won’t happen, and I knew this is the end, somehow my brain told me this is the right.

I met another girl, Russian, she’s pretty and lovely, I liked her. We all went to Akshardham, Swaminarayan Akshardham, a wonderful place to visit, 100-acre site, fascinating, beautiful site, I was so happy to visit it, to see this wonderful place.


1st we visit the “Mandir” like Indian call it, Mandir means Temple, inside it a status to Radha-Krishna, and in the temple Murti it’s a statue plated with gold, such a wonderful scene to watch.


Seeing people doing their traditions, pray, seeing different culture is one of my wish lists, we got out the temple, saw the Footprints, this which you throw a coin and wish anything.                                                                                   .Foot Prints

Saw the Ten Gates, and all the place, I can’t say how much I was so happy to see this place,  unfortunately taking pictures is not allowed, so I got this images from Google, to make everyone see how beautiful this place is.

We bought something to drink, ate Ice cream, so good, then we got out, always the best moments finish quickly, one of the friends drove me to another friend then we got out to eat, the made me eat dessert, then drove me to the house, the day has finished, the trip remain incomplete, I must go to the airport in the morning.

Everything finished, but the story didn’t finish yet, another story I have to tell…


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