Who killed me? (Episode 4; Revenge, part 1)


-Lydia, where have you been?


-Yeah, I must know that you’ll be in the library. What happened?

-Nothing, I jut wanted to read.

-Lydia, I know what happened.

-Let’s get out of here 1st.


Lydia and John got out from the library, they took a walk, John said:

-Lydia, I know you won’t say anything, so come with me.


-You’ll see, come.

Lydia went with John to the beach, Calfornia, the most wonderful in The USA, its beaches, it’s like a fantasia, fancy beautiful places, everyone wants to see and visit.

Lydia and John arrived at a small beautiful house on the beach, Lydia said:

-Where are we?

-In my house.

-But this isn’t your house, I know your house.

-This one is my little secret place. Come on in.

Lydia went in, a small house full of books, the only thing she loves, trusts, the only thing that make her happy.

-This place is so pretty, John.

-I knew you’ll like it, okay here I’ll leave you to read and this is a key to come in here whenever you like.

-What?! No this is yours, I can’t take it.

-You won’t, we will share it.

-I don’t know how to thank you for being here beside me John.

-Don’t thank me, just always be happy.

John left Lydia alone, she began to choose a book to read, then she looked through the window, she saw two men, fighting and then one of them killed the other, she was so frightened, after that she went outside, she tried to run after who killed the man, but nothing, she found nothing. she dialed a number and said:

-Anushka, the detective right?

-Yes, who is this?

-My name’s Lydia.

-Yes, How can I help you?

-There’s a murder I saw, I need your help.

-Did you call the police Lydia?



-They won’t believe me, the man I saw killing the other one vanished, also the body too.

-Where’re you, Lydia?

-CA, Calfornia, Saint Monica beach, small wood house.

-Okay, listen, go home, send me your address, and stay there until I come to you.

-Okay, thank you so  much.

I took the 1st plane with Nicholas to Calfornia….


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