The 1st incomplete trip (Time to go)


Saying goodbye not the thing I love to do or say, I always say we’ll meet again, I don’t like to say goodbye to anyone, even who left my life or I left their life never said to them goodbye, because I believe someday we will meet again.

Time to go, my suitcase closed, my lap in its place, my money, everything is ready to leave, My friend arrived to take me to the airport.

I rode the taxi, we talked, me and my friend, when we arrived, the time to go, this time make me feel how much I’m not happy by that decision, not happy to leave, I want to back, but I know this is the right thing to do now.

I kept going, got inside the airport until I waited to ride the plane, got something to eat and drink, watching people, happy, smile and I can’t even have a fake smile.

I just wanted to sleep, to forget about those days, to forget that I even went to India, I want to forget every moment, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t forget anything, I deep inside my heart want to not forget, always remember it.

I arrived at Dubai airport, then 2 hours and rode to Egypt, all I think about how much I wanted this trip to success, how much I wanted to be complete, besides me a man was sitting and talking, but I was thinking of something else, I wasn’t concentrate.

I arrived at Cairo airport, everything went well, I got out, met my father, rode the car, everything is fine, until I went home, I felt sad, very sad, shattered, falling apart, all I did is to take my closes out of the suitcase and did a lot just to not think about that trip again.

My story didn’t finish, actually it began from this moment, there’s something about this story must be written, and lessons I learned, experience I had from this trip, the story didn’t finish but remain incomplete


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