The 1st incomplete trip (Hard time)


“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”
Rose Kennedy

When I back I thought that I can forget this trip, forget everything about it, but I couldn’t, every day, every minute, every second I remember it like it was today, like it was a dream never became a true, I cried until my eyes dry, I kept thinking about it, maybe because of that I decide to write about it, about a trip never meant to be complete, never….

Everything had changed from coming back to Egypt until now, until this moment, this experience was bad, bad enough to changes me, keep changing me, don’t know if I change to worst or best, don’t know if I’ll be in good way or bad way, all I know I’m going in a way I don’t know anything about it and it’ll be so long time.

I realized I’m not what I want to be, I don’t want what I’m now, I want to find out who am I? What I really want? what I should do?

Why I’m sad about it? is that because I want to stay there, to complete this trip? or because I want to learn or to know more people, to know some of them very well, I was so excited about this trip that what I know.

Now, I’m going to move on, I must do, but I feel something, something I don’t know, something always open my wounds, open my pains, something that makes me feel crazy full of regret, sometimes I say to myself; maybe I shouldn’t back, maybe I must be there. I don’t know.

I have to face everything inside me and outside in this world, must face people who think I never went there and I lie, but I don’t even care what they think or do or say about me, all I care about now is completing what I started, is to move on and complete to make my dreams come true.

Maybe this for you all the end of the story but actually it’s the beginning of it, not the end, every end of something in our life is the beginning of something new, new page in our life and this what I should do, a new page to write…

You’ll never find out what’s next if you keep reading the same page…..


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