Who killed me? (Episode 4: Revenge; part 2)


We arrived in California, took a taxi, to a small hotel, to put our bags, it was 11.30 pm, Nicholas said:

-We can’t go to that girl now.

-I know Nicholas, by the way why we have just one room?

-because there’re no other rooms here.

-there are no hotels in Calfornia except this one?

-no, nothing is having empty rooms, we in holidays season.

-okay, I’ll sleep in the couch.

-no way ma’am.


-you won’t sleep on the couch, it won’t be good, sleep in the bed.

-but the couch small for you Nicholas!

-yes, I’ll figure it out, don’t worry.

He smiled to me, this smile that I know he wants me, but I always push him away, refuse him, hurt him more and more.

I changed my clothes, wear a blue pyjama, Nicholas was reading, his usual habit reading before sleeping, I went to bed, searching for girl called Lydia Carl, student in Calfornia university, and what I found was so interesting.

Nicholas said:

-Go to sleep, you need to take a rest.

-yes daddy (I laughed at him)

He laughed too and both went to sleep.

A girl lost in the woods, running, screaming my name, Anushka help me please, don’t leave me, don’t be mean and coward to me, please, help me….

-Anu, wake up, wake up, please.

I woke up, I said:

-What happened?

-You were dreaming.


-bad dream I think!!

-yes, I think so too.

-it’s okay, drink this

He gave me a glass of water, I drunk it, he took it from me, put it in the table beside the bed, and said:

-Are you okay now? feel good?

-yes, thanks.

-most welcome my boss (He smiled, ready to go to the couch, but I hold his hand)



-don’t sleep there, sleep here beside me, please.

-Anu, do you know what you ask now?

-yes, I know.

He got beside me in the bed, held me between his arms, I felt safe with him and slept like never before…

We woke up the nest morning at 9.00 am, got dressed and went to Lydia’s house, I knocked the door, a voice from inside said:

-yes, coming…. who’s there?

-I’m Anushka, the detective that Lydia called yesterday.

-oh, wait a minute, please

She opened the door, and got us inside, said:

-I’m Lydia, ma’am

-oh please call me Anushka, this Nicholas.

-Hi, what do you want to drink?

-nothing thanks, we want to know everything happened?!!

-oh, okay, I was in my friend’s beach house, it’s a small wood house, reading, then I heard a voice calling for help, I was thinking it’s my imagination, but I heard it agin, I looked outside the window and found someone been killed, the other man was wearing something on his head to hide it, I went outside to follow him or save the man, but both vanished.

-Mmm, how?

-I really don’t know how this happened?

-okay, calm down, why you didn’t call the police.

-because they won’t believe me.

-why do you think so?

-because they’ll think I’m crazy, how a man with a body vanished so quickly!!

-oh, okay, Lydia, why me? why not any detective here?

-because I read about you and though you going to help me and believe me.

-okay, I’ll but need the address of this wood house.


She went to have a paper and wrote the address, then gave it to me, I said:

-now all you going to do is to calm and don’t tell anyone, go to your university, be normal like nothing happened.

-okay, thank you so much.

-you’re most welcome.

I went out with Nicholas, ride the taxi, went to small cafe shop, all what inside my head, how they vanished, why she’s the only one who saw them, this time of the day people go to beaches, how they didn’t listen to anything, what really happened?


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