Who killed me? (Episode 4: Revenge; part 3)


I want to know everything about that girl, Lydia! Who is she? where is she from? Everything I want to know, I must know.

-Anu, are you okay? what’s going on in your mind?

-Nicholas, I want any information you could have about Lydia…


-Nicholas, every info okay?!!

-yes, sure, Anu.


Nicholas left me in motel, went to do the work I gave to him and me opened my laptop, searching on media websites, newspapers, everything about murders happened yesterday, but nothing, nothing about anything, How is that? How could be? how no one knew about murder happened yesterday???!!

I went out, walking a little to think, to clear my mind from everything and think what should I do? and how should I solve this case? I walk and walk until I found myself in front of the same beach Lydia told me about it, I watch it, walk to it, but I thought what if she was imagining it and nothing happened here.

Nicholas Called me and told me to come to meet him in the cafe we were in this morning, I took a taxi and went there, I saw Nicholas sitting in the same table, I went to him and said:

-Did you find anything about her?

-yes, not just a thing, many things.

-many!! good, tell me quickly about her.


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