Who Killed me? (Episode 4; part 4)


-Everything is here, come and see it Anu.

-Nicholas, you frightened me !! what do you have here?

-here is everything about Lydia.

-okay, give it to me.

I opened the file, read it, and all I got is what I never thought about, I said:

-Nicholas, I need to meet her parents.

-okay, I’ll call them, to fix an appointment.

-wait, tell them, not to tell Lydia.



We went to meet her family, her mother was so pretty, father was old and handsome, I said:

-1st I want to apologize for every problem I have caused to you, 2nd please I want to talk to you about Lydia, can I??

the mother said: don’t be sorry it’s okay.

the father said: you can ask whatever you want.

Nicholas said: thanks for helping us.

I said: okay, let’s begin, please.

-Is Lydia your daughter??the real one?

The father said: No, we adopted her.

-oh, okay, do you know her real parents?

the mother said: we’re her real one.

“please, ma’am we need to know everything about her, we can’t be emotional now,” Nicholas said.

I said: yes, please.

The father held the mother’s hand and said:

-It’s okay darling we should say everything, Lydia not our real daughter, and yes we knew who is her real family, we found Lydia out of a broken car on the beach, the broken car was in the road, but we realized that she walked until fell down beside the sea, and her father was dead in front of her, her mother burned with the car, we took her to the hospital, the doctor said that she lost her memory, we took her with all responsibility, but when she woke up, the doctor said that she lost just the accident before and after it, then we decide to tell her that her family went to work outside the country and she went to university here, we raise her for 2 years, now suddenly she said to you there is a murder happened on that beach, but the truth is that she remembered her dad died in front of her in that beach, we asked the doctor, he said that memories began to back to her one by one, that’s all.

-Oh, that mean, she just remembered, nothing more??!

-the mother said; yes, nothing more.

Nicholas: why didn’t tell us before?

-the father: because we didn’t know yet what’s going on with her.

I said: okay thanks

I smiled at them and let them go, Nicholas said:

-what do you think?

-something is wrong here.

-like what?

-I want to know every info about her friend John.

-okay, I will get it to you.

-oh and something else, know about Lydia’s family.

-okay, anything my Lady??

-stop saying “my lady”.

we went out and drove me to the motel, we got in the room, he took a shower, went out from the bath wearing just the towel on his legs, I said:

-oh, please, wear something.

I stood up and went to the bath, but he held my hand, got me closer, I was between his hand, so close to his body, hearing his heart’s beats, he still holding me, I don’t want to fight him or fight my desire, or my love to him, these feelings I feel to him.

He kissed my forehead, my cheeks, then kissed my lips, I was melting, I want that, yes, I want it always, he held me between his hands, put me on the bed, kissed me, kissed my shoulder, my neck, he said:

-I love you, I want you, want to be in you, want you to be mine, only mine, please give up to me Anu, please.

-stop, Nicholas, that’s wrong, please don’t.

-why not? is because you’re Muslim?


-is that all what stops you?


I was breathing hard, try to look to him in his eyes, I want him, want him now, he kept kissing me until I gave up to him, gave my virginity to him, gave my most expensive, precious thing in my life to him.

in the next morning, I woke up found a paper with rose written in it ” I love you ❤ I went to find what you asked for, take care of yourself until I come back to take care of you 😉 ”

I smiled, he’s crazy…..


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