The Red nail polish

Some think that Red nail polish is the desired color, the color that girls put when they want to attract men, and be desirable, but for me no not just desire.

Something behind our choose to colors we wear or used or love, red means fire, anger inside us, fight, war, desire, passion, love, blood, what women think when they put a red nail polish, or wearing a red dress, or red shoes, or have a red cover for her phone, it’s all about her mood, her way to express what inside herself, it just a way of expressing when word fail to get out from inside us.

She wears that color to say I’m bold, have desires, a fighter, dreamer, a girl with passion, love and complex, a girl that ready to be back and fight to take what she deserves and what is from her rights, back to be bold enough to express what she feels.

Ren not for desire only or even love only it’s about fire inside express itself by color, by simple way, red is all that she needs to get out and be herself, girls, women are simple but for those who is trustworthy only.


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