Power, Money and love


A trilogy, movie series, about love, hate, money, power…….

Not all of you know “Hate Story” movies, it’s a movie about a woman her lover got killed or got in jail or broke her trust, or whatever, then she decides to take the revenge from him, it shows how women are strong enough to turn to a devil that destroy your life, and hating the day that you met her, the women that can change from a good one to a bad one, pain in your life, a vampire that suck the blood from you until you die, this is the idea of the movie, but also it tells us about the relation of power, money and love, how power and money can destroy love and make it like nothing because people weak in front of money and power, but there’s a question: Why always a heroine? why always her love dies or be bad or gets in jail? Why making intimate scenes that are a sexy scene? a movie with some good idea or even near to be a good idea, why destroy it by doing those scenes????!!

I didn’t watch the 1st part, I watched the 2nd one, it was good, not bad, having idea actually, I don’t know if I’ll watch the 3rd or not, it’s different parts not related although it relates in the idea, power, money, and love and also desire, I realize that this kind of movies is actually in a real life, there are people use their power and money to take what they desire, even if it does not belong to them, even if this thing is a human, not a thing, yes some thinks that they can buy whatever they want by money and have it by power.

And who gave this that right? we did, when we surrender to them and refuse to fight, movies are from real life with a little drama and action


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