Who killed me? (Revenge; part 5)


I got up, went to the bath, to take a shower, after I finished, went out, wore my blue jeans, my white shirt without sleeves, my shoes, Nicholas went inside the room, I said:

-What takes you so long?

-what you will know will make you wonder!!


-okay, see this CD.


I took the CD, played it, and that what I wanted to know. I held Nicholas’s hand and said:

-come with me now.

we went out, went to the house that Lydia’s real family own, no one was there, we went inside, search everywhere until I found a file has sort of papers about money, work, dealings a lot of things, then we found a diary belongs to Lydia, we took it and went back to the motel, we read everything, I searched on the internet about that company that Lydia’s real father owned, and old newspaper wrote about the accident that happened to her family, everything now making sense to me, I said:

-Nicholas, we need to go now.


-now, you’ll know..


we went out to a taxi, quickly we went to Lydia, I knocked the door, her mother opened to me and said:


-Is Lydia here ma’am ??

-no, she went out, is everything okay?

-yeah, where did she go?

-she went to the college with John.

-oh, okay, thanks.

we took the taxi again and went to the college, I said:

-I think they in the library.

we went there, but no one was there. I thought until I ran so fast, Nicholas was behind me running try to talk to me, but I kept running until found a taxi, we took it, went to wood house on the beach, Nicholas broke the door as I asked him to do, we went in found John, his father Dan, his mother Carmen and another woman called Viola, she is his dad assistant, all in the floor tied by a rope, Lydia said:

-Hi, you so smart, I was thinking that you’ll say I’m imagining or anything about my memory and go away from here, but you, here, how??!

-Lydia, 1st leave them.

-no, they killed my family.

-yes, but not John.

-he should die to make them feel the same pain, that I felt on my family.

-okay, let’s talk first, please.

-tell me how did you know?

-I searched a lot. Why do you want to get you hands dirty by their blood?


-but you can take revenge to send them to the jail.

-oh, they are rich, so rich, they clear everything.

-no, Lydia, not your father’s evidence.


-yes, your father had an evidence on them, if anything happened to him, this evidence should go to the police, please leave them, don’t be like them.

I tried to take the gun from her, Nicholas held her, I too the gun, the police came, too Carmen, Dan and Viola and left John, he’s the innocent one and also a victim like Lydia.

After everything finished, I went with Nicholas to the airport, he asked me:

-What is all that? what did you find? how did you know it?

-Lydia is the daughter of Carl and Samantha, they murdered 2 years ago, Dan, his wife Carmen was their business partners, they wanted to kill them to everything from them,1st they destroyed Carl’s business, then gave him money, then killed him and his wife, they thought they killed his daughter too, but the family friends who took care of her, saved her, then they found she lost her memory, she went to the same college with John, Dan’s son, when she met him and his family, she remembered everything, when they saw her wanted to kill her, but knew that she lost her memory made them forget about her, she decide to keep a secret that her memory back, she went to her old house, kept diaries there, and she never found her dad’s evidence, she made a plan to take revenge, when I found out all that, I realized she called me to have a cover for her revenge, that’s all.

-oh, smart girl, but you smarter, thanks to God and you saved her and John too.

-yes, I didn’t want her to be a killer.

-1st time to stop a murder. 😀

I laughed, and said:

-Yes, hope not the last 😀


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