past, present and future


The world has changed a lot, technology has been invented, lands have been discovered, medicine has been improved, travel is now easier, but??!!

In the past, everything was simple, people were communicating, yes, there were wars, murders, but still simple, attractive history, the present more technology, more split between people, more hate, more murders and war of minds, psychology and cultural wars, more terrorist, more lies, what about the future??!

What will happen? Will we fix all what we in today? Or we will remain like that? Or we will begin the 3rd world war, the war that end every technology, every weapon, everything??

Who invented technology, didn’t make it to split us or make us hate each other or use it against each other, scientists who made medicine, didn’t discover it to kill each other or sell each other organisms, people who discovered lands, didn’t mean to kill who lived in it and destroy its beauty to build cities.

books turned to kindle, and papers turned to Microsoft word, PDF, Encyclopedia turned to Wikipedia, pens turned to keyboards, telephone turned to cell phone to chat, letters turned to messages, pocket watch turned to a hand watch turned to a clock in our cell phones…etc.

But in all those changes, people changed to, from good to bad to worst, from human to monsters, animals, from thinkers, inventors to sleepers all that they care about sex, food, drinks and money, Money the only thing that control our new culture, congrats.

Welcome to the 21st century, the hell by itself, hell in earth..We people destroyed our humanity by our hands,


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