Who killed me? ( Episode 5: Mystery; part 1)


A girl dressed in black, wearing a black mask, wearing red nail color, she fascinates everyone, her heels, her dress, her mask, everything in her is like a mystery for who around her, she is the mystery by itself.

Alarm clock knocked; 06.00 am

I woke up, I took a shower, got dressed, I looked in the mirror, remembering what happened between Nicholas and me and that girl I always dream about, this mystery girl, who is she? why I dream about her??

The telephone rang, I answered:

-Allo, who?

-it’s me, Nicholas, are you okay? you always know my voice, Anu.

-sorry, Nicholas, what happened?

-oh, like always, we will travel to Russia.



-okay, come here and we will talk and please, buy donuts with you.

-sure, my lady, see you.

-see you.

After 30 min. Nicholas arrived, I said:

-Hello, Mr. good looking, why you wear a suit? 😀

-you laugh at me 😀 that because you love me with suits.

He kissed my hand, he helped me organize the table to eat, he said:

-Did you do sports today?

-yes. like always.

-good, what about you today? you seem so weird, worry maybe???!

-oh, no I’m okay, why you ask?

-because, I was talking for half an hour, but you’re not listening to me.

-oh, really??


-I don’t know, I always have that dream about a mystery girl with a mask.

-what is in the dream?

-a girl wears a black dress, a black mask, wears red nail color, high heels, and she seems she’s in a party, a masquerade, that’s all.

-Mmm, I don’t know. try to forget it just a dream.

He hugged me and kissed my neck, and we ate, then he said:

-we must tomorrow go to Russia, we have a case there.

-okay, did you buy the flight tickets?

-yes, sure, like always.


I smiled to him, I went to take my bag, we went out to the office, I found an invitation on my desk, a party’s invitation…..


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