Who killed me? (Episode 5: Mystery, part 2)


I opened the invitation, it was from Russia, Moscow, invite us to a masquerade party, Nicholas and me.

I called Nicholas to come to my office, after few minutes, he got in, said:

-Why did you call me?

-Look at this envelope…

-What’s that?

-open it.


He opened it, started to read, then said:

-it’s an invitation to a party.

-yes, but why? who sent it?

-I don’t know, no names on the envelope, just a logo to some company or group or team or brand, I don’t know.

-I want you to search for it and know it, please

-okay, sure….. oh remember we will go to Russia tomorrow.

-okay, I’ll ( I smiled, he went out)

I opened my Email, I found and Emil by the ticket to Russia, then another e-mail from someone I don’t know:

Dear, Miss Anushka,

      There’s something you need to know before coming here, nothing is incident, it’s all arranged, so be careful

                                                          our regards.

I kept reading this e-mail,  but nothing to understand, why someone would send this to me? and who are they??! what is happening here? is that some stupid e-mail? or it’s really for me?! 

Nicholas got in my office, looked at me and said:

-This is a logo to some group in Russia called “контроль ума” means mind control, it’s  cross and inside it a sword, to refer to religion and control your desires, they’re a group of Catholics, 4 of friends found it in 1970th and not it has a lot of people inside it, they make this part every year in the same time for charity and invite known people for it, and as you’re known detective so they invited you, that’s all.

-oh, okay, hey come here I want you to read something.

He came and sit, started reading my e-mail, then said:

-What si that?!

-I don’t know, don’t understand what’s it? who sent it? and why?

-this’s weird, let’s not go there, I don’t feel good.

-We have a case there to solve, we must go.

-they can hire anyone else, Anu.

-No, we will go, I must find out who sent this and why?!

-you’re stubborn, do what you want.

He went out, angry from me, worry about me, but I must know who did that? and why?!!!





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