Who Killed me? (Episode 5, Mystery; part 3)


We arrived in Russia, Moscow, Nicholas didn’t talk to me in our way to here, I know he’s mad at me, afraid about me, he loves me so much, but I should know, I should understand what’s going on??!

We went to the hotel, he got inside his room, without a word, I went in my room too, I opened my Laptop and search about the party, that’ll be tomorrow, and who is the host?

knock on the door, I came out from the bathroom, opened it, Nicholas got in and said:


-Hi, how’re you now?

-good, and you? did I wake you up or something?


-What do you do?

-I was making some researchings and got in the bathroom to take a shower.

He took a few steps close to me, kissed my forehead, said:

-I’m sorry because I got angry on you

-don’t worry, I understand.

-I’m afraid of tomorrow.


-don’t know, but feel something not good.

-don’t worry everything going to be okay.

I walk, but he held me and got so close to me, nothing between us, breathing the same air, he held me between his arms, hugged me, kissed me, he was like the little child needs his mother, to feel safe….

I woke up in the morning, ordered breakfast for us, took a shower, wear my clothes, he woke up too, we ate, and he went his room, I know what I do is wrong, not me, not my religion taught me, but I love him like crazy, madly in love with him, I cried a little, then got up, and completed my searching, at 2 pm, I got dressed, black dress, long sleeves, open from the back, long dress, close from the front till my neck, I held up my hair, put the makeup, smokey eyes, pink lipstick, and lip glosses.

I took my purse and my mask, then went out, Nicholas was waiting for me in black suit, black tie, he was so handsome, we ride the car, I realized in our way that I wear black dress, and the same mask from my dreams, I’m the girl in my dreams, what that means? what should I understand from those dreams??!!

We drove to the palace, the driver opened the car’s door for me, Nicholas took my hand, we showed the cards to the beautiful woman in a red dress that holds a paper has our names.

We went inside, it was a so big palace, so beautiful, full of people from everywhere, wearing their masks, I wore mine and Nicholas too.

A man in dark gray suit, black mask on the stairs in front of us, welcomed us and announced the first dance, then got closer towards me, and asked me for dance, Nicholas held me tight, the man said:

-Don’t worry, the dance about changing couples, she will be back to you.

He took my hands, I looked at Nicholas, he was so worried, and I began dancing with the stranger…..


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