Who Killed me? (Episode 5; part 4)


I started to dance with that stranger, tall, blue eyes, I kept looking at his eyes, and dance like I’m a doll that he moves it like he wants, I didn’t feel my legs, like I’m flying, the music getting inside my body, I can feel it, who is this stranger?

The dance finished, I stood still looking at him, he kept looking at me, Nicholas came, took my hand and I looked back, the stranger was still looking at me, Nicholas said:

-Did you like it?


-You know what I mean!!

-Nicholas, that’s mean nothing to me, it was just a dance, nothing else, why you behave like that?

-Because I don’t feel good about this part, especially that man.

-I understand.

I got closer to him, kissed his cheeks, he hugged me, we went to the buffet, He got us a drink, but I just wanted water, he knows already I don’t drink, I looked around, I saw the man I danced with a lady wearing a red tall dress, open from the right leg, and it’s also open from the back, with open from the front like a seven, tanned skin, looks pretty, red butterfly mask, she seems very rich because of jewellery she wears.

I looked back to Nicholas, he was silent, and looking at me, then said:

-Look that way, Anu, toward the big clock.

I looked where he was pointing, there was a man looking so drunk, fighting with a girl, I was feeling something wrong, then again I looked to find that stranger, I didn’t find him, a man came towards me and gave me an envelope, I asked:

-What is that?

the man said: Are you Miss Anushka Tarek Mostafa?


-This one for you ma’am.

-from who?

-The master.


-My Master, Mr. Carlos Sherpovesky.

The man went away, I opened the envelope, I found a card, with a riddle inside it.

“Red roses in the woods, woods full of lions, tigers, eating each others, red roses so beautiful in the castle”

I closed the card, gave it to Nicholas to read it, he took it and read it then said:

-What does that mean?

-It means, someone here is protected in this castle, but outside will be killed.


-yes, it’s a riddle that tell us about murder, we must keep everyone in this party.

-what will we do to do that?

-I must talk to that master, Carlos..!!!

I asked Nicholas, to find him and I began searching for him too, I asked all the stuff, but everyone didn’t want to give me any information.

I went upstairs, I found an open room, I got in and looked around, it was so beautiful classic room, I found red roses in a vase, the vase has a paint of woods, I hold it “red roses in the woods..”

A voice came from behind me said:

-You found it.

I looked that’s him the man I danced with, but without the mask, I said:

-Are you Carlos?

-yes, my lady.

He came closer to me kissed my hand, I asked:

-Why? and why you sent me this riddle?

-because I want you to found me.

-you like playing or something.

-you can say that.

He was coming closer and I was keeping moving backwards until I hit the wall, he stood in front of me and said:

-let’s play a little game, Miss Anushka.

He walked away and got out from the room, leaving me wondering what he will do now?!!




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