Who Killed me (Episode 5, part 5)


I went downstairs, try to figure out what does he mean? what does he really want?

I found Nicholas, went to him, took him, said:

-something wrong in this house, something not right.

-I said that and you didn’t believe.

-No, I mean something with those people in that castle!

-What?! how?

-someone here will die, look at that riddle “red roses in the woods, woods full of lions and tigers…”


-okay, listen, that riddle means there’s some girl, wearing red, she looks like a red rose, and this castle is the wood full of people who are lions and tigers, one of them or maybe some of them will kill her….!

-how did you know she is not he is?!!

-okay, red rose?! refer to a girl, when you flirt with me what do you say?

-rose, flower, lady..etc.



-yes, she is not he.

-what will you do?

-1st I will take that riddle from the end.


-means that I will search the castle from its end, from back.


-because back there’s a garden wish is somehow like woods, but tiny and you get inside and keep your eyes on any girl wears a red dress.

-okay, take care

He kissed my forehead and went inside, I went to the garden and began searching for any clue that could help me, suddenly a hand holds me closer, hands belong to that stranger “Carlos” said:

-hey, you smart as everyone told me, you try now to find the clue, right?!

-yes, I’m not just smart, I’m honest too and strong, so tell me Mr. player what do you want?

-the mystery.

-which mystery?



-yours, oh, let me make it easy a little bit,  you have a big mystery that turned you to be a very good detective, and I want it, I want that secret.


-time runs fast Miss Anushka, maybe someone will die.

He went away, I tried to stop him but realize yes time runs, I must hurry, I searched the garden until I found a window to some room in the castle, inside two man and beautiful girl in red, I knocked and she opened to me, I said:

-are you okay?

she looked at me and said:

-yeah, why shouldn’t I?

I looked to the man and said:

-Who is he?

-my husband, who are you? what are you doing here?

Before I answer her I found another girl in red outside the room heading to stairs, I went after her, I found another envelope beside the door, I opened it and read:

“smart, very smart, your time is so good, but can you know who will vanish?”

I ran after the girl, I opened the room she went inside, she wasn’t alone, she was with some other girls wearing red about 5 girls, I asked?

-who are you all?


-really? to who?!

-to our master.

-yes, who is he?


Carlos held me again and said:

-they’re mine.

-you made them wear red.


-why? who are you?


I suddenly thought not mean red rose to wear red, she might wearing something else or might hold red rose or maybe he, not she…… I opened my eyes widely, Nicholas gave me red roses before we  came here, then this morning gave me one it’s in my room, but how did Carlos know that?

Am I the one or Nicholas? I asked again:

-what do you want?

-you knew who I refer to?




-good, very good.

He ordered the girls to go out, then looked at me;


-I don’t want to sit. I want answers, now.

-stubborn lady, 1st, I know everything about you, 2nd; I want you to work for me, actually, I’m not asking, I just order.

-what? order anyone, but not me, I won’t work for you and all this games for telling me this crap.

-no, for testing you and for a sure you if you refuse, your beloved assistant and lover will know your past.

I didn’t say anything, I don’t know for how long? then said:

-Why do you all that?

-because I want to find who killed my wife, I been collecting info about you for two years, and I don’t want the killer to go jail, I want revenge, and I knew you’ll refuse if I said my problem immediately.

-what you’ll do if I found the killer?

-I’ll take my revenge, from that I will take the case, you’ll finish your role.


-you don’t have a choice, believe me, I can destroy you.

-you crazy!

-yes, I’m, if you call my angry for my wife’s death craziness okay call it what you want.

-you can take revenge by sending this killer to the prison.

-No, I want to torture him/her by myself.

-that won’t make you feel peace.

-don’t lecture me, just agree.

He got closer, his eyes full of angry, sad, dark, I kept looking at him, this time, I mustn’t be afraid of him.

-No, I won’t agree.

He held me and said:

-listen, don’t say no to me again.

-I’ll and do whatever you want.

-oh, so strong right, but if you lover die and everyone blames you, what you’ll do?

-you won’t do that!!


-okay, I’ll help you.

I though I’ll help him, but with my rules and he won’t know.




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