Christmas tree


The year comes to its end, the dream of Santa comes to us holding our gifts for the new year, the trees decorated, the lights went on, the streets full of Christmas lights and trees, decorating with wonderful colorful balls, stars, lights and little Santas dolls.

The snow fills the city, the rain falls, the love we feel in this time of the year, with our friends, lovers, families, the gifts we put beside the tree to open it in the new year’s eve.

The kids play and make a snowman, running happy, playing laughing, couples sit beside the fire, loving each other, family movies, Christmas movies, romantic weather fills the world, the help that given to who need it, the smile that put in the faces that day.

This is Christmas, full of happiness and new wishes for the new year. new hopes, new dreams, new relations, forgetting, closing the past behind us.


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